Back in the Saddle Again

Hello my friends!

It’s been a tough few years for me in the music business, but for the first time since 2018 or 2019 I’ve been able to spend time on doing this thing that I love to do.

Between life getting too busy for me to do anything but work and exist, and then the dreaded Covid 19 virus shutting everything down for a few years, I had very little time or resources to put into any artistic endeavors.

And as someone pointed out to me, I hadn't even taken the time to update my website in years, and some of the posts and info were 5+ years out of date!

But since my last website updates, despite there being some down years, there were also some exciting new developments.

For one, Mrs. Trent is not only the one woman road crew, but has joined the Flat Broke One Man Band as my percussionist and stage foil — perhaps we should now be called the Flat Broke Duo!

I’ve upgraded my green screen area in the Flat Broke Subterranean Studio

I’ve upgraded my studio recording gear with some better equipment and software

We’ve written some new songs

We’ve booked more shows this year than we have been booking since 2019

We’re looking to do a bunch of recording this fall after we get past the summer gig season

We’ve done a photoshoot and came out with some good pics

And last but not least, I have had some time to update this website.

And I have some goals set for the immediate future, and have been working towards them, like getting more content up and running online, more videos created and posted, more music streaming, new shirts and merchandise and things like that. 

The creative fires are stoked once again, my health is better than it has been since 2019, and we are very excited to get out there and see all of the friends and fans that we have made over the years!

~SRT 2023


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