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Smoky Mountain Encounter

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Well we packed up all our luggage in our ragtop Ford
The first thing you should know is that we’d made this trip before
Cuz we love them smoky mountains; we don’t even need a map
We put the top down and point our nose towards the Cumberland Gap
But things were gonna get just a little weird this time around

Darkness fell fast with no moon up in the sky
The trees were hanging low; the road was strange on this eerie night
Weird lights tailing us: headlights failing us
We wanna put the top up, but I can’t risk a stop
Slowed it down to a crawl on that mountain as time stood still

The next few hours was a jumble of events
Vague recollections of a kind that make no sense
Dashlights flickerin’, the clock took a backwards spin
Static cross the dial as we’re flooded in unearthly light
Stopped dead in our tracks as memory fades into black

We finally came around as we were heading down
The other side of that mountain
With the sun sitting high in the sky
The only souvenir we’d picked up on that ride
Was a subconscious dread of objects unidentified?
That’s about all I recall, nothing much more I can say
Now I got a good tale, to pass to my grandson one day