What to call this thing...

   So, I’ve never really been the kind of guy to keep a journal, but it seems like these days you have to “blog” if you have a website or anything you want or need to promote.  
   Now, the problem is, I don’t really like the word BLOG. I never have.
   To my ears, the word sounds like the noise that is made when someone is leaned over the toilet after a night of too much booze and tacos.
   So I looked up some synonyms and kicked around some ideas
Bulletin Board
The Pipeline
The Scoop
Dear Diary
Confessions (of a One Man Band?)
(Flat Broke Steve’s?) Almanac
Annals from the Road (sounds too much like Anal !)
The Adventures of…
For the Record...

  All of these are actually worse than the word blog!
  In the underground roots music scene, a One Man Band is often referred to as OMB…
so here it is, Steven R Trent’s OMBlog


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