My Friend Ray

   I saw my friend Ray yesterday at a fantastic Hot Rod Show where I was performing at, (put on by the Artists of the Rustbelt and the RoadhoundsCar Club at the B&O Station in Youngstown Ohio.) 

   Seeing Ray yesterday, and as…Read more

​What is Slapback Echo?

What is Slapback Echo?
   I often get folks asking me about how I get my guitar and recordings to sound the way they do.
   Or I hear them remark that my stuff sounds so authentic, or how much…Read more

​Music I did for a documentery…

   A couple of years ago, a friend of Jean’s, asked her to be a part of a documentary that she was putting together.
   Leah is an elementary school art teacher, and the documentary focuses on how art, and…Read more

My Old Man

This next new release is a song about my dad; it’s called My Old Man.
...Listen to it here

My old man was born in 1943
While his old man was overseas
Fighting in the big one; Shooting at theRead more

The Old Coal Trail

   OK, so I finally got a new recording done! …CHECK IT OUT HERE
  AND... I’m hoping to keep ‘em coming for a while. (I’m shooting for one a week for the next few months at least…) 

  …Read more

First Show 2014!

   Despite telling myself that I wouldn’t take any shows until April this year, (and turning down a few cool ones I might add), I am playing my first show of the year on Thursday March 13th.
   Why you…Read more

What to call this thing...

   So, I’ve never really been the kind of guy to keep a journal, but it seems like these days you have to “blog” if you have a website or anything you want or need to promote.  
   Now, the problem…Read more
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