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My Friend Ray

   I saw my friend Ray yesterday at a fantastic Hot Rod Show where I was performing at, (put on by the Artists of the Rustbelt and the RoadhoundsCar Club at the B&O Station in Youngstown Ohio.) 

   Seeing Ray yesterday, and as always, is such a great pleasure for me because my friend Rockabilly Ray Kollar is one of my favorite people ever.
   And to anyone who likes the music I perform today, I have to tell you, Rockabilly Ray is one of the biggest influences and inspirations I have had.

   You see, I met Ray…Read more
Rally in the vally

Rally in the Valley 2014

   In a few weeks I’ll be performing at the Rally in the Valley for the 4th year in a row
  This fantastic event is hosted by the Street Lordz Car Club, and held at the Bullskin Township Fairgrounds in Bullskin Township Pennsylvania!
   This is something that we look forward to every year.
   The first year I played at the Rally in the Valley, I had just gotten the One Man Band up and running and this was one of my first really big shows with it.
   I did pretty good I guess, because they keep asking me back!
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My Dan-Echo Pedal...and life

     So my trusty old Danelectro Dan-Echo pedal took a crap at a gig a few weeks ago.  
   This was very distressing to me.
   My first thought was, I’ll have to buy a new one or find something similar for slap back; but the problem is, I have a sentimental attachment to this particular pedal
   You see, the reason for the sentimental attachment is that I used to have a lot of problems.
   When I was younger, I always thought I’d have a career in music.
   But what I really ended up with was finding out that I…Read more

​What is Slapback Echo?

What is Slapback Echo?
   I often get folks asking me about how I get my guitar and recordings to sound the way they do.
   Or I hear them remark that my stuff sounds so authentic, or how much they love that certain sound from the 50’s, but they can’t describe it.
   Well, a big part of what these folks are hearing is Slapback Echo.
   What is Slapback Echo you ask? Well, that’s what I’m about to tell you…
   It started out in Memphis, way back in the early 50’s when a young guy named Sam Phillips started TheRead more

Mr. Bad Cat

  So here’s my newest song…Mr. Bad Cat
  Mr. Bad Cat is a brand new song for me.
  While I was recording the Smoky Mountain Encounter, Mr. Bad Cat popped up unannounced with his claws out, grabbed on to my earholes and wouldn’t let go.
   In fact, I had trouble not dropping what I was doing on the other song, because I wanted to dig in to this one right away.
   But, I think it was better that I waited a few weeks to work on it.
   I had my first two shows of 2014 last weekend, and I played this song at both…Read more

Smoky Mountain Encounter

This next release is called The Smoky Mountain Encounter
 ...Listen to it here
Well we packed up all our luggage in our ragtop Ford
The first thing you should know is that we’d made this trip before
Cuz we love them Smoky Mountains; we don’t even need a map
We put the top down and point our nose towards the Cumberland Gap
But things were gonna get just a little weird this time around
Darkness fell fast with no moon up in the sky
The trees were hanging low; the road was strange on this eerie night
Weird lightsRead more

​Music I did for a documentery…

   A couple of years ago, a friend of Jean’s, asked her to be a part of a documentary that she was putting together.
   Leah is an elementary school art teacher, and the documentary focuses on how art, and creating art, continues to impact us as adults.
   She was interviewing Jean on her photography, and jean may possibly end up in the film when it’s complete.
   She asked Jean if I would be interested in contributing some music for the soundtrack.
   I said sure, that sounds like fun!
   Well, I had about a…Read more

My Old Man

This next new release is a song about my dad; it’s called My Old Man.
...Listen to it here

My old man was born in 1943
While his old man was overseas
Fighting in the big one; Shooting at the Nazis
He grew up in Akron Ohio
Went to the same high school as David Allen Coe
But his buddy Bob was his favorite country music singer
He started drinking PBR when he was 15
With a pack of Pall Malls rolled up in his sleeve
He wore his hair slicked back and always had his sideburns low
He had plenty of jobs because he loved toRead more

If ya ain’t first, yer last… Shake 'n Bake

   This next new release is an instrumental that is both one of the oldest and newest songs that I’ve written and recorded…
   and here it is... Shake 'n Bake
  But first… the title 
  Coming up with a title for a song is often more difficult than you’d imagine, and is especially tricky for an instrumental song.
   This particular song has been stuck with 4 or 5 different working titles, none of which I really liked or fit, (although of few of these titles may become songs in the future)
   So, as I was…Read more

The Old Coal Trail

   OK, so I finally got a new recording done! …CHECK IT OUT HERE
  AND... I’m hoping to keep ‘em coming for a while. (I’m shooting for one a week for the next few months at least…) 

   This is a song I actually wrote almost 2 years ago called the Old Coal Trail.
I’ve been playing in my live show all along, but I’ve never taken the time to properly record it until now.
   This one just popped up all of sudden after Jean and I had been meandering through the hills of North Carolina, Virginia, and West Virginia…Read more
Matt woods

First Show 2014!

   Despite telling myself that I wouldn’t take any shows until April this year, (and turning down a few cool ones I might add), I am playing my first show of the year on Thursday March 13th.
   Why you might ask?
   Well, let me tell you about it, and you’ll see.
  A few weeks ago BuzzBin Mike asked me if I could jump on a bill with Matt Woods and Donnie Casey Jr. that night down at the BuzzBin Shop.
   I love Mike and his venue, so I can’t say no to him, especially when Matt Woods is on the bill.
   In case…Read more

What to call this thing...

   So, I’ve never really been the kind of guy to keep a journal, but it seems like these days you have to “blog” if you have a website or anything you want or need to promote.  
   Now, the problem is, I don’t really like the word BLOG. I never have.
   To my ears, the word sounds like the noise that is made when someone is leaned over the toilet after a night of too much booze and tacos.
   So I looked up some synonyms and kicked around some ideas
Bulletin Board
The Pipeline
The…Read more
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